2GIG GC3 - Advanced Door/Window Sensor Placement

  • My sensor and magnet won't align on the door and frame. How do I make this work?

If your sensor and magnet won't align because of the space from the door and frame, we recommend placing additional tape underneath the magnet, so that it stands out further and aligns with the sensor. The visuals below will demonstrate...


  • My sensor won't fit on the frame. What do I do?

If your sensor doesn't fit on the frame, you are allowed to swap the magnet and the sensor. You would place the sensor on the door and the magnet on the frame. The visuals below will demonstrate...

Important Note: Make sure that the sensor marking (or arrow) is facing the magnet. If this isn't done, the sensor won't work properly.


  • My sensor is showing "Open" on my control panel, when the door (or window) is closed?

This can be a number of issues. Make sure to check the following:

      1. The marking (or arrow) on the sensor must face the magnet.
      2. The sensor and magnet must be flush with each other.
      3. The sensor and magnet can't be more then a pencil width apart (1/4").
      4. Having the 


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