Simon XT - Changing Sensor Information

If the Sensor Info is not correct and needs to be changed, you will need to enter into programming and change either the Group # (this tells the sensor how to behave, delay or not etc)  or Sensor Name to the correct and current information. Here's how:

 Press "Status" then immediately "Disarm" > Arrow down to "System Programming" > Press "Ok"> Enter Installer code (Default = 4321) > Press (Ok) > Scroll down to "Sensors" > press "Ok" > Arrow down to "Edit Sensor" > press "Ok" > Arrow through the Sensors until you find (SN # GRP 10 Name) > Press "Ok" to select the Group Number Make sure that it is the correct Group > Press "Ok" and you will see the Name begin flash, (If the name is not correct you will need to use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to change the name to the appropriate name > Press "Ok" when the proper name is highlighted on the screen, and you will see a "Cursor" on the right side of the text > Press "Ok" and the the "Cursor" will disappear. If there are more sensors that need to be changed then continue to arrow through the other sensors and repeat the process above. When you are done changing the sensor information press the "Status" button 4 times and then Press "Status" then immediately "Disarm"  

On the Touch screen your going to press "Settings" and the look for and press the "Hear" button.
After that open a door or window and leave it open it can take up to 5 minutes for the information to process.

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