2GIG GC3 - Tamper Open Trouble

What is a Tamper?


What causes a Tamper?

Here are the top 4 causes and what you can do to prevent them.

Cover not secure

  • Cover not reassembled correctly
  • Gaps in the cover
  • Cover missing off the sensor

How to prevent it: Make sure sensor cover is flush with no gaps after all battery replacements.

Lack of maintenance (dead batteries)

  • Failure to replace dead batteries

How to prevent it: Address and maintain the system (including replacing batteries) properly. 

Spring or switch 

  • Tamper spring or switch missing
  • Tamper spring or switch is not depressed

How to prevent it: Test your system and all components monthly. 

Slamming doors

  • Slamming doors can cause the spring or switch inside the keypad to shake causing a tamper
  • Slamming windows can cause the spring or switch inside the sensor to shake causing a tamper

How to prevent it: Be mindful of slamming doors that have sensors or that are connected to a wall with a keypad mounted.  


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