Simon XT - Motion Detector Showing Tamper

A tamper message means that the system thinks the back cover is off of the sensor. To troubleshoot the motion detector, please follow these steps:

After each step go over to the panel and press Status, then immediately press Disarm, and then Status. If the system still reports a tamper, go on to the next step.

  1. Make sure that the back cover is securely on the back of the motion sensor. This is usually the problem.
  2. If the cover is securely on and the system still shows a tamper then take the back cover off. You should have a spring is sticking out of the back of the sensor. Press down on it once and then put the back cover securely on the sensor again, making sure that the cover pushes the spring down and is not just bending it to the side.
  3. If you do not have the tamper spring in the back of the motion it may have fallen out when you were mounting it. You can take the spring out of a retractable pen and use that. Put the spring on top of the button in the back and reattach the cover.

If the above steps fail Text 469.513.8685 for Technical Support.

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