Setting The Sensitivity On The Cameras

If you are using the Video Motion Detection (VMD) feature on your cameras, you will want to make sure the sensitivity is set properly to avoid hitting your monthly upload limit because your settings are too sensitive. If you find that you are getting too many clips (or not enough) follow the steps below to set the sensitivity

Camera sensitivity can be adjusted in  To adjust the sensitivity on a camera, please follow the steps below.

1- Log into your account.

2- Click on the Video tab.


3-  Now click on the one that says Camera Settings.


4- Now you will see a list of options to select from.  Click on Video Motion Detection.


5- Now you can select the camera that you wish to adjust the sensitivity on.


6- To adjust the sensitivity, move the slide to the right for higher sensitivity and to the left for lower sensitivity.


You may also need to adjust the Target Size (Note: this is only available if you have the Outdoor Bullet cameras). With this setting you adjust what size of object that is detected will start the video recording. For example, if you want a person entering a door to set off a video recording, but you don't want a pet going out a pet door to start the recording, you can draw a VMD window around the door and set the Target Size to 25%. This means that a moving object has to fill at least 25% of the VMD window in order to start a recording.

To set the Target Size, click on the "Target Size" link


Then click on the drop down box and adjust the target size:


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