Simon XT - Replace The Backup Battery

1. Remove the screw located at the top of the panel (Screw is optional) then place thumbs on tabs to swing cover down


2. Apply pressure to spread the battery clips then remove old battery 


3. Disconnect the wires from the old battery then connect the new battery (red wire to red terminal and black wire to black terminal)


4. Install battery then close front cover


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  • Four adults have attempted to insert the replacement battery with no success. The replacement was sent by Brinks. We cannot get the battery to “snap into place”. It seems to be too large for the compartment, but my machinist husband measured them with his micrometer and they are the same. Any tricks I am unaware of? Amy

  • Hi Amy,

    That battery definitely sits snug in the battery compartment. (And :) it can be tough to remove). Checkout this video below and let me know if it helps.

    How to replace your Simon XT v1 and v2 panel battery (Video)


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