Simon XT - Performing a Communication Test

This test both telephone land line and cellular radio


1. Press SCROLL DOWN ARROW until SYSTEM TESTS then enter the Master Code then press OK

Simon_XT_System_Programming.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Enter_Code.png 

2. Press SCROLL DOWN ARROW until COMM TEST then press OK

Simon_XT_Sensor_Test_1.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Com_Test_1.png

3. The Simon XT sends a test signal, this test may take several minutes

Simon_XT_Com_Test_3.png Simon_XT_Or.jpg Simon_XT_Com_Test_3b.png

4. Simon XT displays Test Signal Sent OK if successful or Com Failure if failure

Simon_XT_Com_Test_4.png Simon_XT_Or.jpg Simon_XT_Com_Test_6.png




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