How to install your door or window sensor

Tools Needed:

Door/Window Sensor, Magnet, Battery or Batteries, Double-sided tape 



Every door/window contact consist of a Sensor (sometimes referred to as a contact) and a magnet.  The contact should be installed on an unmovable frame of the door (or window), while the magnet should be installed on the door or window itself. Installing them in the opposite position increases the chances of a broken contact as the door may slam and rattle the sensitive circuit board. When the door or window is closed the magnet is aligned with the contact and the zone is closed. When the window or door is opened, the magnet becomes unaligned and you have an open zone.

To install your door or window sensor, follow these simple steps

1. Insert the battery or batteries in your contact (write down the serial number)

2. Identify the alignment markings on the contact (the markings need to line up to close the circuit)

3. Find a place on the door or window that is out of reach of children and pets

4. Place a strip of double-sided tape directly on the back of the magnet and contact

5. Place the magnet (smaller piece) on the door and the contact (larger piece) on the frame (make sure there's no more than a half an inch of space between the two pieces)

6. Allow 60 seconds for the double-sided tape to stick

7. Repeatedly open and close the door to make sure the pieces don't fall, hit one another or shift positions

Be sure to contact us to test your new door or window sensor!

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