Simon XT - Programming A Door/Window Sensor



1. Press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg until you get SYSTEM PROGRAMMING, then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Disarmed.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_System_Programming.png  


2. Enter Installer Code 4321 (Call Brinks Home Technical Support if this code is different)

Simon_XT_Enter_Code.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Access_Codes_Main.png


3. Press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg until you get SENSORS, then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_01.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg  Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png


4. Press OK_Button_2.jpg again to place Simon XT into sensor learn mode

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg  Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_03.png


5. Remove sensor cover or press button to learn

60-650_Sensor_Side_Opening.jpg 60-670-95_Door_Sensor_Battery_Replacement.jpg 



6. Simon XT beeps, Grp flashes, enter 10 for Delay or 13 for Instant, then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06a_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06aa_Glassbreak.png


7. Sensor name flashes, press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg to scroll through names, then press OK_Button_2.jpg to select

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06a_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Sensor_Program_06_Garage_Door.png


8. Press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg to scroll next word then press OK_Button_2.jpg (up to 16 words)

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06d_Glassbreak.png  Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06e_Glassbreak.png


9. Press OK_Button_2.jpg to save


10. Press STATUS several times to exit
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