Simon XT - How To Set The System Time

Follow the steps below to set the proper time on your Simon XT panel

Note: If you have a an interactive plan, or higher, then you are in luck!  Our servers automatically set the time for activated system with a signal.  If you have that service, activation and signal strength you do not need to follow these steps (sometimes it just takes a few minutes to automatically set the time).

If you don't have that service, follow these simple steps to set the time manually:

  1. Make sure your system is Disarmed
  2. Begin by preparing the Simon XT panel for a new time
    1. Press the Scroll Up key until the LCD Info Display shows “Set Clock” and press the OK key
    2. The LCD Info Display now shows “Enter Code” 
    3. Enter your 4 digit code (the one you enter to arm your system) and then press the OK key 2 times
    4. The LCD Info Display now shows the time and flashes the hours as shown below
  3. Now set the time by follow the steps in this diagram of a Simon XT and you are done!



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