Simon XT - Turning On The Voice Chime

The Voice Chime is a convenient feature of the Simon XT for both home owners and business owners. You will be able to know which doors or windows are opening if a customer has entered the office, or if your toddler is opening the medicine cabinet. .

With your system in the disarmed state, follow these easy instructions to use this useful tool:


1. Press the down arrow until you see "System Programming" and press "OK"

2. Enter in your installer code (4321 by default) and press "OK"

3. Press the down arrow until you see "Siren Options" and hit "OK"

4. Press the down arrow until you see "Voice Chime" and press "OK"

5. Change the chime feature by using the down arrow and press "OK" (1 is voice chime, 2 is a loud doorbell sound, and 3 is a soft doorbell sound)

6. Press "Status" until back at the main screen, where it says "Disarmed"


Once you are at the "Disarmed" screen, press the down arrow key until you see "Chime Off", press "OK" and then the down arrow key, and press "OK" again, and your screen should now say "Chime On". Press "Status" until you are back at the "Disarmed" screen and you are all set! 

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