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    Gary Davis

    I set a no show notification for a certain time frame for every day of the week. I disarm it during that time frame, and get a email alert that I have disarmed the system. But I still get an alert sent out after the time frame expires that I have not disarmed the system. This has caused some panic with those on my list, that I have not disarmed the system.

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    Brinks Home Security

    Hi Gary,

    I know you worked with our Technical Support Team on this but just to answer your question for future users, per Alarm.Com the no show alerts look for the system to be manually disarmed by a code registered to a specific user. So if the system is remotely disarmed via the A.C website or App then that will not cancel the No Show Alert. This would be the same as if it was disarmed by a keyfob, the system would be disarmed but the no show alert would still be triggered at this point.

    There is a chance that this will updated so that it does recognize a remote disarm signal based on what login credentials were entered when you login. For the time being though the system will need to be manually disarmed with your particular code.

    Let us know if you need anything else, have a great day!

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