The better you understand your system, the more comfortable you will be using it. Here is a quick guide to system operation.

In the bottom left hand corner of the panel, you have three buttons.


Pressing the + button 2 times sets off a medical panic.

Pressing the shield button 2 times sets off a police panic.

Pressing the flames button 2 times sets off a fire panic.

You can also press and hold any of these buttons until the alarm goes off.

A panic signal will always be immediate dispatch from the appropriate authorities as soon as we receive the signal; we won't even call you first. This feature is only available with monitoring.


Arming the system is pretty straightforward.


Any environmental sensors such as smoke detectors, CO detectors, freeze sensors, and water sensors will always be armed, even if the system itself is not armed. If they are tripped they will always set off the alarm.


Pressing Doors+Windows once arms all the doors and window sensors. This includes glassbreak detectors and vibration sensors. The panel will beep for the entire exit delay period (by default this is 45 seconds). Pressing Doors+Windows twice arms the system with no entry delay. (45 seconds to arm, but then immediate alarm if any door or window is opened).
Pressing Motions arms everything. The motion detectors will take an extra 3 minutes before they arm. If you want to arm with no entry delay (45 seconds to arm but then an immediate alarm as soon as a sensor is tripped) and still have the motions armed, you would press Doors+Windows twice and then press
Motions. Also, the red light on the motion detectors will not come on during normal operation. For more information click here.
When entering through an entry/exit delay door, the panel will beep for the entry delay period (this is by default 45 seconds). If you do not disarm within this period, the siren will go off. To disarm the system, press the Disarm button and then enter your 4 digit code, or just enter your 4 digit code, either way works. This will also turn off the siren if you have set off an alarm.
Press Status whenever the panel is beeping and you don't know why. It will always tell you any problems as well as any old alarm events. To clear old events, press Status followed immediately by Disarm, then Status again. This will make the panel announce just current issues, or else it will announce System OK.
Press the Silent button to turn off the beeping while your system arms. The panel will give you one set of beeps once it has finished arming. After that everything goes back to normal, so if the alarm is tripped the siren will go off.

The Bypass button is used to skip arming any open doors or windows and still arm everything else. To do this, leave the door or window open and then press Doors+Windows or Motions. The panel will announce the open sensor. At this point, press the Bypass button and the panel will announce Sensor Bypassed (eg. Back Door Bypassed). The panel will then arm everything else. You will be able to open and close the door or window as many times as you want without setting off the alarm. To cancel a bypass, simply disarm the panel.


To arm using a keychain remote, press the lock button one time to arm Doors+Windows. Press the lock button 2 times to arm Doors+Windows and Motions. Press the unlock button one time to disarm the panel. If you hold down the lock and unlock buttons at the same time for 3 seconds, you will set off a police panic signal, which will get immediate dispatch without a phone call to you first. The *  button is pending future use at this time, so it will not do anything. The light button will turn on and off light modules (if you have them programmed into your system) as long as you have the Complete Interactive package.




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