How to setup an arming/disarming notification

With the Mobile Pro or Total Home Service Plan you can receive text or email notifications whenever your alarm system is armed or disarmed. This guide will walk you through setting that up.

First login to your Account and click on the "Notifications" tab at the top. Then click on the "New Notification" button.


In the notification popup select the type of notification that you want to setup. We are going to select "Arming Event".


On the new Arming Event Notification page you can enter a descriptive name for this notification and select which users or keyfobs you want to be notified for. Then check off which events you would like to be notified for and the time frame that you would like this notification to be active. Then enter in which email addresses or phone number where you would like to receive notifications. When you are done click "Save Notification".


That's it, you should then see this page and you will be notified next time the system is armed or disarmed.


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