Bypassing Open Sensors

If you are looking to bypass a sensor, when arming from the panel, use the Bypass button to skip arming any open doors or windows and still arm everything else. To do this, leave the door or window open and then press Doors+Windows or Motions. The panel will announce the open sensor. At this point, press the Bypass button and the panel will announce Sensor Bypassed (eg. Back Door Bypassed). The panel will then arm everything else. You will be able to open and close the door or window as many times as you want without setting off the alarm. To cancel a bypass, simply disarm the panel.

Bypassing Remotely

If you are looking to bypass a sensor remotely, you can send the arming command to the panel, and the panel will bypass the open sensor automatically. There is a setting in the system programming that determines how long the system protests (announces open/failed sensors) when attempting to arm with open/failed sensors, before bypassing these sensors and automatically arming the rest of the system. The panel protests an arming attempt when it has not received a restore (close) signal from sensors learned into restore-specific sensor groups. This option is called "Auto Arm".

**Sensors learned into group 26 (fire) cannot be bypassed.

When this option is on, the panel announces all open/failed sensors repeatedly for four minutes, then automatically bypasses the open sensors and arms the rest of the system. If a sensor is opened during the exit delay and then left open, the panel will go into alarm after the exit delay has expired. This option must be on for "unvacated premises" and "exit extension" to work correctly.

When this option is off, the panel displays all open/failed sensors once, then automatically bypasses the open sensors and arms the rest of the system after the exit delay has expired. If other sensors are opened during the exit delay, they will also be bypassed if left open.

 **If group 13 (instant perimeter) sensors are opened during the exit delay, the panel goes into immediate alarm.


To change the Auto Arm option from "On" (the default setting) to "Off", just follow the instructions below:

1) Press the down arrow until you reach "Systerm Programming", then press OK, 4-3-2-1, then press OK again

2) Scroll down until you reach "Security", press OK

3) Scroll until you reach "Auto Arm", press OK, scroll until it says "OFF", then press OK again

4) Press the Status button 3 times

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