Simon XT - Recessed Door Sensor Programming


1. Press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg until SYSTEM PROGRAMMING then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Disarmed.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_System_Programming.png  

2. Enter Installer Code 4321 (Call Brinks Home Security if this code is different)

Simon_XT_Enter_Code.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Access_Codes_Main.png

3. Press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg until SENSORS then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_01.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg  Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png

4. Press OK_Button_2.jpg again to place Simon XT into sensor learn mode

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_02.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg  Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_03.png

5. Insert coin or screwdriver into end slot then twist to open the cover and learn


6. Simon XT beeps, Grp flashes, enter 10 (delay) or 13 (instant) then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06a_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06aa_Glassbreak.png

7. Sensor name flashes, press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg button to scroll names then press OK_Button_2.jpg

Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06aa_Glassbreak.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Simon_XT_Sensor_Program_06aa_Glassbreak.png

8. Press Simon_XT_Scroll_Up_3.jpg or Simon_XT_Scroll_Down_3.jpg button to scroll next word then press OK_Button_2.jpg (up to 16 words)


9. When finished press OK_Button_2.jpg again


10. Press STATUS button several times to exit


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