Simon XT - Cellular Signal Strength Is Low

Did you know you can improve signal strength on your system simply by moving the unit to an outside wall and/or to the 2nd or 3rd level in the home?

Your Security Panel is portable, so you can move it to any convenient room that gets better cellphone reception within the property.  You should still check to make sure all sensors can communicate back to the main panel as well.  If this location for the main panel is away from a convenient door, you can use a secondary keypad, keyfob or interactive services on a cellphone or computer to arm/disarm the system as well.


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  • I cant find any place to place the control panel that will give me more 2 bars on the signal. now what do I do?

  • Choose a centrally located area and plug in your Control Panel. Make sure there are no wireless devices within 10 feet of the Control Panel. Examples include, but not limited to gaming consoles, routers, etc...

    Make sure the Control Panel is away from any large metal objects that could interfere with its connections to your wireless network.

  • it is located in a warehouse with a metal roof

  • Hi Patrick,

    You may need a wireless receiver to assist with boosting the signal. I would recommend contacting us to discuss additional options/steps. 1-800-447-9239.

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