Simon XT - Motion Detector Not Working?

To conserve battery life and energy, the LED light only activates when you put it into ''walk test mode'' by removing the back of the sensor.

This LED will only stay on for 90 seconds, after that it will shut off and not come back on. This is a feature designed to save battery life.

Another battery saving feature is that the motion will not trigger more than once in a 3 minute period. Even with the system disarmed, if you walk in front of the motion it will see you and then it will not trigger again for the next 3 minutes.

 To arm system and test motion:
  1. Arm system by pressing DOORS + WINDOWS and the MOTIONS button.
  2. Open and close one of your doors with an entry/exit delay but stay inside.
  3. Stay out of site from the motion. Wait for 3 minutes after the beeps have stopped and then walk in front of motion.
  4. The alarm will sound off as long as you follow this process.
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