Simon XT - Remote Touchscreen Not Controlling Lights or Locks

We have to push that information onto the touchscreen. Below are the instructions on how to get the lights and locks to show on the remote touchscreen.

 Here are the steps to enable Locks:

 ·        On the Simon XT, select “Programming” from the menu

  • ·        Enter the master user code (NOT installer code) and press enter
  • ·        Scroll up to “Interactive Services” and press enter
  • ·        Select “Lock Settings” and press enter
  • ·        Select “Update 2WTTS Locks List” and press enter
  • ·        Screen will display “Scanning” then return “Update 2WTTS Locks List”
  • ·        In order to speed up the transmission of the lock list, status back to system tests (3 times), enter the installer code (Default 4321) and watch the lights flash as the message is sent.

To perform the same thing with lights, follow the same steps but replace “Lock Settings” with “Light Settings

This will allow you to control the lights and locks from you Touchpad. Note: You can control a total of 3 lights and 3 locks from the touchscreen.

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