How Do I Update My Billing Information?



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    Kirk Livingston

    How do I delete an old credit card?  I don't want the number in your system.

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    Jimmie Givens

    credit card update feature not functioning.

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    Kellie Bandy

    This is inaccurate. These instructions don't work. Also, users should be careful. This system automatically saves any card you enter, does not request permission to save card info, and also automatically creates an automatically recurring payment for the last card you used without the permission of the cardholder. One-time payments are not possible in this system, and there are no warnings. Also, the card information update feature as above is false, and has been that way for a very long time, and the company is already aware of it, so it's likely intentional. Just so everyone knows ahead of time. Hopefully, this helps.

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