What is the Status of My Rebate?

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Please see the below guidelines about our rebate process which covers the following key topics (Please allow 2 weeks for processing time after service is activated and rebate form is completed):

1) Did I Qualify for a Rebate

2) How do I Submit my Rebate Request (by logging in to the Customer Center)

3) How can I Check on the Status of my Rebate


1) Did I Qualify for a Rebate?

The following are all required to qualify for a rebate:

a) Purchase a rebate eligible product at full retail price (it will say “$100 Rebate Available.  Click for Details” next to the product on our website.

b) Your system is monitoring by our central station and you have purchased our Interactive service

c) Your system was put online within 90 days of purchasing the eligible product


2) How do I Submit my Rebate Request

Log in to the Customer Center by clicking here.

Click "Orders" (shown below) and select "What is the status of my rebate?" where you will be prompted to submit an email requesting a rebate.

Click these links to access the form to submit your rebate request:


3) How do I Request Status of my Rebate Request

1)      Address: Send an e-mail to billing@safemart.com

2)      Subject: Check My Rebate Status

3)      Body: Include either of the following information in the body of the email

  1. The First Name, Last Name and Zip Code of the person who signed up for the account; or
  2. Any of the following (the more the better, but only one is needed)

                   i.      The email you used when you signed up

                   ii.      The phone number on the account

                   iii.      Your account number that we sent you when you signed up or on an invoice or statement

                   iv.      Your customer ID which is on an invoice or statement

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  • What is my account #?

  • Hi Janice,

    With this being an account specific question, I would recommend texting our digital team at 469.513.8685 for assistance. 

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