Adding a Keyfob To The Honeywell LynxR

Follow these directions to add keyfobs like the Ademco 5804 into an Ademco LynxR-2 panel.

You will need to know the installer code in order to add in the keyfob.

First make sure the panel is disarmed. Then type in 4112 (or your installer code if it is different) followed by 800. After a few seconds you should see this screen.


If you do not see this screen you have the wrong installer code.

If you do see that screen then type in *56 and you will enter zone programming.


We are going to start with zone 26 for this example, so type in 26*. (Or whatever zone number you are using.) This will take you to the zone type screen.


Put in 21* to have the button arm the panel to away. (Or 20* for arm stay, 22* for disarm, 07* for panic, or 23* if you are not using that button.) Next you will be at the report code screen.


Type in 0100* to set the report code and proceed to the device type screen.


Enter 5* to set it up as a button transmitter. Then you will be at the enrollment screen.


Hold down the button you want to program on the keyfob once, wait five seconds, and then hold it down again. You should get 2 beeps and see this screen.


(It may also show E1L, E2L, or E4L, depending on which button you are programming.) Hit * to get to the next screen.


Hold down the button on the keyfob one more time to confirm it and you should see this.


Hit * again and that will take you to the next screen.


Hit 0 to finish and save that zone. This will take you back to the zone number screen at the next zone.


Hit * to continue on and program the next button on the keyfob. (You should program all four buttons or the keyfob may not work.) Or if you are done put in 00 then *99 to exit.

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  • Thanks so much!  Couldn't find a simple straightforward explanation of this procedure until I found your site.

  • Exceptional guide for do it your self guys and gals. Made this project very simple. Thank you very much for this guide. Honetwell needs you on their team!!

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