Honeywell Vista - Programming Keyfobs

Note: This requires an alphanumeric LCD keypad, if you do not see the following screens do not proceed!

1. Enter Installer Code 4 1 1 2 then press 8 0 0. You should see this screen


2. Press 0 or * to bypass 1st screen then enter 49 for sensor

56a_Set_To_Confirm.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Enter_Zone_49.png

3. Current sensor settings display press * for next screen


4. Enter 21 for Zone Type then press * for next screen or # for previous

56d_Zone_Type_1.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Keyfob_02_Zone_Type.png

5. If Vista-21 or Vista-21IP enter Partition 1 or 2 then press * for next screen or # for previous


5. Enter 10 for Report Code then press * for next screen or # for previous

Keyfob_04_Report_Code_1.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Keyfob_04_Report_Code_2.png

6. Enter 5 for Input Type then press * for next screen or # for previous

Keyfob_05_Input_Type_1.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Keyfob_05_Input_Type_2.png

7. Press any button on the keyfob to learn


8. Keypad beeps if successful and displays serial number, press * for next screen

Keyfob_06_Serial_Number_1.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg 56j_Input_Serial_Number_2.png

9. Keypad displays sensor summary, press * then 0 at "Program Alpha" to continue

Keyfob_07_Summary.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg 56z_Program_Alpha.png

10. Press 00 to exit sensor programming then press *99 to exit installer programming

 Enter_Zone_49.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Enter_Star_or_Pound.png


Your keyfob is programmed at this point but now we will need to assign the keyfob to your arming and disarming code before it will actually work.

From the main screen you will need to type in your 4 digit master code followed by 8 0 2 # 4 4 9 and you should hear a single beep. If you do not hear the beep try typing in the entire command again without any pauses. (In this sequence 02 is the user number and 49 is any one of the zones assigned to that keyfob, so these numbers will change if you are adding multiple keyfobs and/or assigning them to different codes.)

Now try arming and disarming the panel using the keyfob.

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  • Thanks for that additional 'assigning' information. I had been unaware of that and it resolved my issues.

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