Simon XT - Calling My Phone

The Simon XT does provide this option if and only if your panel is connected to a phone line. The first 2 numbers are for communication with the central station, but the other 2 can be programmed to call any number of your choosing.


First, we need to put the number into the panel.

1. Scroll down to "System programming", push OK, enter 4321, and push OK again 
2. Scroll down to "Phone #'s," push OK, Scroll to the appropriate phone number you would like (eg. Phone #3), then push "OK" again
3. Enter your phone number the same way you would make a phone call. (eg. If you need to enter a "1" before you dial out of your house, put a "1" in front of the phone number)
4. Once done, press status once

Second, we need to change the reporting

1. From here scroll down to "Reporting", press OK 
2. Scroll down to "Rpt Comm Mode", press OK 
3. Here you will have to scroll to the designated phone number.(eg. "Ph 3 Rpt Modes," if the number was plugged into the third number slot)) press OK, scroll down to "Voice Dialer" and hit OK.
4. Push Status 4 times and you are set.


Be sure to plug your system into the phone line using the BIGGER of the 2 Jacks. A regular phone cord will fit in here. 


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