DSC - Factory Reset

If you do not have any codes to access your DSC panel, or just want to start from scratch with the programming you can do a hardware reset on the panel. If the installer did not lockout the panel then this will reset it to factory defaults. Note that this is not something we typically recommend for an end user to perform, except as a last resort.

Note: If Installer's Lockout is enabled a hardware default cannot be performed. Installer's Lockout is indicated by 10 rapid clicks from the phone relay on the main circuit board on power up.

Before you reset the panel you will need an accurate list of your current zones, and whether they are hardwired or wireless, as you will need to program them all back in. Also you will need to know if there are any add on modules or anything else special that will need to be reprogrammed.

To default the main control panel hardware, perform the following:

  1. Remove AC and battery power from the panel.
  2. Remove any wires from the Z1 and PGM1 terminals, labeling them with which terminal they go to.
  3. With a piece of wire short the Z1 terminal to the PGM1 terminal.
  4. Apply AC power to the main panel.
  5. When the Zone 1 Light is lit on the keypad, the default is complete.
  6. Remove AC power from the control.
  7. Remove the short, reconnect all original wiring, and power up the control.

Note: AC power must be used to power the panel. The panel will not default if only the battery is used.

Note: Once the default is complete the Master Code will be 1234, the Installer's Code will be the panel default.

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  • Hello,
    Not sure about the info I received regarding Factory default reset. After all I was talking about the DSC PC9155 and the response didn't mention this particular model.
    We bought the house in 2016 and it came with the alarm system. It functions well & I have no problems.
    I purchased 3 additional devices (siren, key fob, motion detect ) which I wanted to add to the system.
    I tried installer code 898 & default 5555 without success. I assume that the code was changed. Even contacted previous owner who didn’t know anything or didn’t want to help.
    Is there a way to recover the code used or default the board ? How do I go from here ?
    Please let me know ASAP what to do & how to step by step providing you are able to do so.
    By the way I have enough technical background to default the board. I just need to know how.


  • Hi Karl,

    1. Before attempting the factory reset I would recommend trying a few more installer codes.

    • *8 + Common Installer Codes (1550, 1500, 5010, 2369, or 5020)

    2. Do you know the current master code? You may be able to update the Installer code.

    3. I would recommend a technician default your system, however if you're comfortable with your technical knowledge I will list the Factory Reset steps below.

    You can also reference the attached installation manual. (It'll b at the bottom of the article)

    Have you thought about upgrading? This is an older system, we could easily upgrade you to one of our touchscreen panels with interactive services. It's pretty cool, you can control your system right through your smart phone.


  • I got a low battery notice and replaced battery but do not have any power. what can I do?

  • Hi Allen,

    Is this in reference to the Factory Reset? Did your system lose power after you factory reset the system or was this a regular low battery maintenance for your system?


  • i am in the same boat as Karl. I don't know the installer code and the installer won't tell me and the previous owner doesn't know/doesn't care.

    where do i find this code? even if i do a master reset, will the installer code stay the same?

  • Hi Dhruv,

    I would try the most common installer codes first.

    Press * + 8 + Common Installer Codes (1550, 1500, 5010, 2369, or 5020)

    After performing a reset your installer code should default back to 5555 per the owners manual.

  • thanks Shay. I did manage to reset it and use the code above.

    i'm now trying to figure out how to program things. can you recommend an easy to follow guide?

  • Sure thing @Dhruv!

    Which DSC model do you have?

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