Honeywell Lynx Plus - Deleting a Sensor



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    Larry Laham

    My system was installed by ADT and this procedure didn't work.

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    Izzy Springfield

    Larry, if you've not figured it out by now, ADT might have changed the installer code, try the following:


    Within 50 seconds of power-up, press the * and # keys at the same time. The display should show “20”.

    Press # + 2 + 0. The display will scroll through the current 4-digit installer code. Jot this down. (Note: The display shows single digits with a leading zero, so 01 = 1, 02 = 2, etc.). 

    To change the installer code, press *20, followed by a new 4-digit installer code. 

    Exit programming mode by pressing *99.

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