There are a few hardwired sirens compatible with the Simon XT. Below is an explanation on how to do the wiring:

1.  The siren has a black and a red wire. These wires go to 2 different locations on the panel

2. These connections are on the inside of the panel. We need to remove the front cover to expose these ports. Simply remove the screw on the top of the panel...


Push the 2 white tabs on the right and left top of the panel, and pull toward yourself.


3. The ports are located on the bottom left-hand corner of the panel. The black wire goes to the terminal marked HW1 (I/0); the red wire connects to the terminal next to it marked HW1&2 (DC Output).XT_Siren_and_Wires.png

4. To connect the 4.7 KOhm resistor and the wires together, follow the instructions below... 

    A. Twist the black wires together and the red wires together.

    B. Place the "B-Connector" on the end of the twisted wires and have the resistor inserted in both B-Connectors.

    C. Take a "Needle Nose Pliers" and squeeze the "B-Connectors" down. This will keep the wires and resistor in   place.

    D. This is what it looks like when completed.


This can be done at the ports if necessary but it is preferred if the resistor is placed higher up the wires so that the siren can be supervised by the panel if they are cut.

5. To have this above stated supervision we will need to change 2 siren options in our programming.


Your siren is now Hard Wired. The Simon XT allows you to hard wire 2 sirens*. They can be wired parallel (in the same 2 ports)  to each other.

*NOTE: The alarm control panel will support a maximum of 250mA. (You are OK using 2Bloodhound Sirens).


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