Qolsys IQ Panel - Installing A Glass Break Detector

The IQ Glassbreak Sensor picks up the unique frequency of the sound of glass breaking within a 15ft range. Once this sound is detected, it will trigger an alarm on your armed control panel.

1. Open the front casing by applying pressure to the bordered area in the front and pull the cover off


2. Insert the battery. Make sure to observe polarity.


3. Once the battery is inserted, reapply the cover.


4. Place the sensor within a 15ft range of where you want to detect glass breaking. Make sure the sensor is within 100-110ft of the control panel.


5. You have two ways of mounting the GlassBreak sensor. Choose one of the following:

In your package you have a strip of double sided sticky tape. Remove the tape from the strip and apply it to the corners of the back of the device.


6. Take the device and apply it to the wall for 10 seconds to keep a secure placement.

 Optional: You can also use the screws provided in the package by screwing them through the holes on the inside of the device. You will need to push holes through the back.


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