Qolsys IQ Panel - Adding A Qolsys IQ Thermostat

The Z-Wave Thermostat allows you to control your room temperature with programmable time schedule This can maximize energy conservation and comfort while minimizing the effort required to maintaining the appropriate temperature in your home whether you are at home or away.   


Mounting & Wiring

1.Open the thermostat by pulling the two sections apart (Figure 2). Use the fingertips of one hand to grip the tab on the front housing.
2. Apply power to the thermostat:
  • For battery power, install four AA batteries (alkaline recommended). Match the polarity of the batteries with the +/‐ marks inside the battery compartment.
  • For 24 VAC power, connect the wires as described in the wiring manual.
3. Insert the two included wall anchors into the wall, aligned with two of the mounting holes in the back housing of the thermostat.   
4.Fasten the back housing to the wall using the two included mounting screws. Insert the screws through the mounting holes in the housing and into the wall anchors. (Figure 3)
5.Align the front housing of the thermostat with the back housing and push until the housing sections are locked together.

Once the wiring is complete, the thermostat needs to be enrolled to the IQ Panel. Follow the steps below…





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