Interlogix Concord - Stop Siren Beeps

A Concord panel has two outputs for sirens, output 1 (terminals 9 and 13) is for an exterior siren and output 2 (terminals 10 and 11) is for an interior siren.

The interior siren will sound for all alarms and system sounds, including trouble beeps or beeps during the entry or exit delays.

The exterior siren will sound only for alarms but it has a 30 second delay after the alarm before it sounds.

If you do not want to hear system beeps from the siren but also do not want a 30 second delay before it sounds then you will need to go into the panel programming and configure the output. Set the configuration for the output that you have the siren connected to 01610 in the panel programming to have it only sound for alarms but to sound as soon as the alarm is tripped.

You will need the installer code and an alpha keypad in order to get into programming mode.

Start with the panel disarmed. Hit 8 and the keypad will say

Enter Code

Type in 4 3 2 1 (or your installer code if you changed it) if it is the right code you will see

Enter Command

Punch in 0 0 and it should say


If you do not see this screen you may need to try the previous steps again without any pauses.

Hit # and you will see


Hit B B B B B B B B B B B (the down arrow) to get to

Onboard Options

Hit # to take you to


Hit B and you will see


Push # and it will show

Output 1

If you need to configure output 2 then hit B now.

Hit # to go to


Press B and you will see something like


Type in # 0 0 4 1 0 # to change it to


Hit * * * * to get back to


Push A and you will see

Exit Programming

Hit # to return to the main screen.

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