Honeywell Lynx Plus - Adding Sensors

1. Enter Installer Code 4112 then press 8 then 00, "20 Installer Code" should appear, press *56

20_Installer_Code.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56a_Zone_Number_1.png
2. Enter Zone number 02 to 25 then press * for next (Zone 01 is for external hardwire sensors)
56a_Zone_Number_1.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56a_Zone_Number_2.png
3. Enter Sensor Type then press * for next display or # for previous 
56b_Zone_Type_1_Not_Used.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56b_Zone_Type_2_Entry_Exit.png
4. Enter 10 as the report code, it will display "CA0", press * for next display or # for previous 
56c_Report_Code_1.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56c_Report_Code_2.png
5. Enter RF type, leave at 3 for door/window sensors and motion / Smoke Detectors, for remote panics set to 5 then press * for next
56d_RF_Type_1.png Lynx_Plus_Or.jpg 56d_RF_Type_2.png Lynx_Plus_Or.jpg 56d_RF_Type_3.png
6. Trip sensor twice to learn, Lynx Plus beeps if successful, press * for next or # for previous
56f_RF_Learn_1.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56f_RF_Learn_2.png
OR enter Loop Number 1 to 4 (Doors are usually 2, motions and smoke detectors are 1, press * for next
56f_RF_Learn_1.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56f_RF_Learn_5.png 
Press 1 then enter 7-digit sensor serial number from sensor sticker then press * for next or # for previous
56f_RF_Learn_4.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56f_RF_Learn_6.png 5800_Serial_Number.jpg1
7. Serial number displays, press * for next or # for previous
56f_RF_Learn_4.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56f_RF_Learn_3.png
8. Press 1 to enter 1st word of descriptor or press * for next sensor
56g_Zone_Descriptor_1.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56g_Zone_Descriptor_2.png
9. Press # then enter 2-digit 1st word from word list (Example here 47 = "Front") then press 6 for next word or 8 to exit
56g_Zone_Descriptor_3.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56g_Zone_Descriptor_4.png
10. Press # then enter 2-digit 2nd word from word list then press 6 for next word or 8 to exit
56g_Zone_Descriptor_5.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56g_Zone_Descriptor_6.png
11. Press # then enter 2-digit 3nd word from word list then press 6 or 8 to exit
12. Display shows complete sensor description then moves to next sensor
56g_Zone_Descriptor_8.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56a_Zone_Number_3.png
12. Enter next sensor or press 00 to exit sensor programming
56a_Zone_Number_3.png Lynx_Plus_Then.jpg 56_Zone_Assignments.png
13. Press *99 to exit Installer Programming
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  • It would help if this was printable.

  • Daniel,

    That is a great idea! Thank you for that feed back, it will definitely be passed on and I'm sure that looking into adding a print option will definitely be looked into now.

    In the mean time an option you do have is to do a '' ctrl+p '' on your keyboard and as long as you are connected to a printer you will have a print window pop up and let you print the entire article.

    I hope this helps you out, let us know if you need anything else!

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