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    Jonathan Birge

    This didn't work for me. When I try that I get an error saying "Incomplete Thermostat Information, Wait Five Minutes". No matter how many times I try this, I get that same error. Furthermore, the thermostat never seems to update the indoor temperature. I've tried removing and reading the thermostat, and nothing works. I have the GE "Advanced" thermostat. I'm able to control the temperature just fine, and I can get the current indoor temp from reliably. But the panel itself never gets updated. I'm really not impressed with the Zwave integration on the panel. It's very poorly implemented.

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    Don Caton

    I've got the same exact problem.  One of the reasons I went with this panel is the z-wave integration, and I'm not terribly impressed either so far.  

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    Don Caton

    SOLVED. For anyone else having the same issue, the problem was that the C wire was not connected in the air handler (which is typically where the thermostat wire terminates).  What was confusing for me is that most of the ZWave functionality of the thermostat works fine on battery power, but I was having the same exact problem you described of the XTi not updating the indoor temp display and the "incomplete thermostat information" error.

    Once I hooked up the C wire everything worked fine.  Note that I had to remove the thermostat from the ZWave network and do a hard reset on the thermostat.  Then I removed the batteries and shut off the power to the a/c system for a few minutes.  Once I powered the a/c system up and reattached the thermostat to the ZWave network, everything worked as expected.

    In retrospect this makes sense.  It takes far more power to transmit an RF signal than to receive it, and the ZWave functions on the thermostat that required receiving a signal worked ok.  Updating the XTi panel requires the thermostat to transmit data, and the batteries are insufficient to drive the RF transmitter.  Either no signal was coming out, or the signal quality was so poor that it was unusable.

    While I wish the ZWave capabilities of the XTi were a little more robust, this problem was not the fault of the XTi panel.  Documentation on the thermostat's ZWave USNAP module would have helped, but there was no such documentation supplied with the unit.

    So bottom line, make sure your C wire is connected (or use an auxiliary transformer if you don't have a 5-wire thermostat cable).  This thermostat is the same base model as the Filtrete thermostat (which has a Wifi module instead of ZWave) but some good info can be found here:

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