Simon XTi - Glassbreak Detector Installation

1. Press bottom right GEAR icon then press DOWN ARROW several times

Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

2. Press ENTER by Programming then enter Installer Code 4321 then press OK

Enter_Programming_03_Programming_Enter.jpg Enter_Programming_04_Enter_Code.jpg


Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_01.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_02.png

4. Remove sensor cover to learn, if successful Simon XTi beeps and displays sensor information

Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_03.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04.png



5. Press EDIT by Sensor Group then enter 13 then press SAVE to exit

Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04b_Sensor_Group.png Edit_Sensor_Group.jpg

6. Press EDIT by Sensor Name then press EDIT by 1st, 2nd or 3rd word

Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04c_Sensor_Name.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_07_Sensor_Name.png

7. Scroll words with arrow buttons then press to select then press SAVE then CLOSE to exit

Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_08_Sensor_Name_List_1.png Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_07a_Sensor_Name_Exit.png

8. Press CLOSE several times to exit programming

Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_09_Exit_Sensor_Exit.png Home.jpg

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