If you have taken advantage of our service, your new GE Simon XTi panel will come with a desk mount attached. This table top base is part of our professional configuration to make the system setup as easy as possible for you. If you want to mount the panel on your wall you will have to remove the desk mount. Please verify that the system is getting a good cellular signal in that location before mounting the panel to the wall.

To take the desk mount off of the Simon XTi you will first need to open up the panel, this is to avoid damaging the electronics in the panel as you remove the base from the back plate.

The first step in opening the panel is pry the trim ring off with a screwdriver, using the slot in the bottom right corner of the panel (circled in red in this picture).


 Once the trim ring is loose you can remove it from the panel.


With the trim ring removed you will lift up on the two tabs at the top of the panel to open it (circled in red in this picture).


The main face of the panel will swing open from the top.


Once the panel is open you will have access to where the desk mount tabs snap into the back plate. The first two tabs (circled in red in this picture) should come out easily. The bottom tab (circled in blue in this picture) you can try to push or pry out, sometimes it is necessary to snap it off with a pair of pliers or cut it off with a utility knife though to get it out. As a last resort you can simply pull on the top of the desk mount and bend it back, it will pop off or break without damaging the panel's back plate.


The last step is to disconnect the two white power wires from the screw terminals in the back of the panel. Make sure you leave the transformer unplugged when you do this to avoid damaging the power supply. Then you can pull the wire out of the desk mount, back through the back plate, and reattach the two connections to the panel.

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