Simon XTi - Deleting Kwikset Door Locks

1.  Press the GEAR icon at the bottom right press DOWN ARROW to scroll down several times

Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg 

2. Scroll down to PROGRAMMING and press ENTER then enter your Master Code

Enter_Programming_03_Programming_Enter.jpg Enter_Programming_04_Enter_Code.jpg 


Interactive_Services_01_Main_Select.jpg Z-Wave_Add_01_Interactive_Services_Menu.png 

4. Press REMOVE DEVICE to start deleting process

Z-Wave_Delete_01.png Z-Wave_Delete_02.png

5. Remove 2 side screws and slide battery cover upward to remove then press left button


6. Simon XTi beeps and displays “Device deleted”, press CLOSE to exit  


7. Press CLOSE to exit Z-Wave Menu then Interactive Services

Z-Wave_Add_05_Advanced_Menu_Exit.png Z-Wave_Add_06_Z-Wave_Menu_Exit.png

8. Press CLOSE again to exit programming

Z-Wave_Add_07_Installer_Menu_Exit.png Main_Screen.jpg 

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