1. Press the GEAR icon then scroll down until you reach System Programming


 2. Press ENTER by System Programming then enter the Installer Code 4321


3. Press SENSORS then press DELETE SENSOR


4. Press DELETE by sensor to remove


5. Press CLOSE twice to exit sensor programming


6. Press CLOSE twice to exit Simon XTi programming


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  • My system doesn't even show these extra buttons. I have 6 selections, none of them are for this issue.

  • Hi D'anne,

    Thank you for visiting the Brinks Home Security Help Center. Do you mind uploading an image of your selections?


  • How do I do that? There's no options to do so here.

  • Hi D'anne,

    You can send the email to tmcelroy@brinkshome.com.


  • Thank you for sending the photo.

    Quick question, do you have multiple keypads in the home? If you do have a smaller secondary keypad, I would recommend attempting this on your main keypad (the bigger keypad)

    It sounds like your installer code may have been changed. I would double check to make sure your using your installer code and not your Master code. The installer code provides additional screens and options. If you're not sure on your installer code, you can text us at 469-513-8685 and we can assist.

    You can also try these default codes: 1960, 2508, 2915 or 6529

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