Simon XTi - Setting the Entry and Exit Delay Times

1. Press the GEAR icon then scroll down until you reach System Programming


 2. Press ENTER by System Programming then enter the Installer Code 4321


3. Press TIMERS then press ENTRY DELAY or EXIT DELAY


4. Enter delay time 




5. This new page will give you all of the different programming options, to change an entry/exit delay you will want to select "Timers" which is located in the middle of the far left hand column.


6. Once you select timers it will give you the option to choose either the entry or the exit delay, you would select the white box next to it with the current delay time displayed and it will take you to a new page where you can enter in the time you would like. Entry delay min=30seconds, max=240seconds. Exit delay min=45seconds, max=254seconds.


Once you have selected the time you would like press ''Save'' on the top right side of the screen to apply it. You are finished now so press the close button twice to get back out of programming.


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  • This doesn't specify how to set any specific door/window sensor to delay or immediate alarm!

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