Simon XTi - Programming DesignLine Recessed Door/Window Sensor

1. Press the GEAR icon then scroll down until you reach System Programming


2. Press ENTER by System Programming then enter the Installer Code 4321


3. Press SENSORS then press LEARN SENSOR


4. Insert coin into slot on the top of the sensor then twist to learn


5. If Successful, the Simon XTi beeps, press EDIT by sensor group then enter group then press SAVE


    10 = Delay sensor - Has entry delay time if armed, program this for front or garage doors

    13 = Instant sensor - arms with no entry delay time, program this for windows or patio doors

6. Press EDIT by "Sensor Name" then press EDIT by word then scroll words then press SAVE to exit


7. Press CLOSE twice to exit sensor programming


8. Press CLOSE twice to exit Simon XTi programming


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