1. Press the GEAR icon then press DOWN ARROW several times

Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

2. Press ENTER by Set Date/Time then enter your Master Code

Time_Date_01.jpg Time_Date_02.jpg

3. Press HOURS then enter hour 1 to 12 then press SAVE to exit

Time_Date_06_Set_Hours.jpg Time_Date_06_Set_Hours.jpg

4. Press MINUTES then enter minutes 1 to 59 then press SAVE to exit

Time_Date_07_Set_Minutes.jpg Time_Date_07_Set_Minutes.jpg

5. Press to toggle AM or PM

Time_Date_08_AM_PM.jpg Time_Date_08_PM.jpg

6. Press MONTH then enter Month 1 to 12 then press SAVE to exit

Time_Date_09_Set_Month.jpg Time_Date_09a_Set_Month.jpg

7. Press DAY then enter Day 1 to 31 then press SAVE to exit

Time_Date_10_Set_Day.jpg Time_Date_10a_Set_Day.jpg

8. Press YEAR then enter 4-digit Year 0000 to 9999 then press SAVE to exit

Time_Date_11_Set_Year.jpg Time_Date_11a_Set_Year.jpg

9. Press CLOSE to exit


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  • I just change type in the time again( the minute up 1) and saved).  the time synced to the touch screen.

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