Simon XTi - Performing A Sensor Test

1. Press the GEAR icon at the bottom right press DOWN ARROW to scroll down several times

Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

2. Press ENTER button by System Tests then enter the Master Code then press OK

Settings_02.jpg Settings_03_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press SENSOR TEST then activate all sensors

Sensor_Test_01.jpg Tests_02_Sensor_Test.jpg

  • Door/Widow Sensors - Open and close the door/window
  • Keyfobs - Press any button
  • Motion Detectors - Remove front of the motion sensor from the back plate the snap it back on to enter test mode
  • Smoke / Heat Detector - Press the Test button
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector - Press the test mode

4. The Simon XTi beeps on sensor activation and displays 1 to 8 rounds indicating signal strength

Sensor_Test_02.jpg Tests_03_Sensor_Test.jpg

5. Press CLOSE twice to exit

Test_Exit_01.png Test_Exit_02.jpg

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  • Can you test just one sensor?? 

  • Thank you for contacting SafeMart. Please see the below steps to test the Freeze and Water Sensors

    Freeze Sensor / Water Sensor

    • Follow the steps above to put the panel in "Sensor Test" mode
    • Take the cover off the "Freeze Sensor / Water Sensor"
    • Press and hold the plastic tab marked "Press to Program" for at least one second.
    • You will then hear the Simon XTi go through a series of beeps.
    • You can then check how many packets were sent to the panel from the "Freeze Sensor / Water Sensor"
  • Can you provide instructions for testing freeze and flood sensors too?

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