How does Geo-Services work?

The Geo-Services feature provides the app user with a variety of alerts based on the user's physical proximity to the alarm system. Physical proximity is established by setting up a virtual “fence” around the alarm system's location, and alerts are triggered by passing over the boundary of this virtual fence.

Current features include:

  • Arming reminders: Alerts when the system is armed or disarmed based on entering or leaving the virtual fence

  • Thermostat control: Automatic adjustments to target temperature on a Z-Wave thermostat based on entering or leaving the virtual fence (Z-Wave devices and Premium Control plan required for this feature)

  • Automate Video Recording: On/Off based on entering or leaving the virtual fence (Cameras and Complete 2.0 plan required).

Requirements to use Geo-Services:

  • A Mobile Pro or Total Home monitoring plan.

  • -iPhone 4 or higher with the latest version of the  Brinks Home Security app (download link)

  • -Android v 2.1 or higher with the latest version of the Brinks Home Security app (download link)

Currently, the apps for Windows Phone and Blackberry do not include the Geo-Services feature. Work is being done to add this feature.

Follow the steps below to enable the Geo-Services:

1. On the left side, click "Settings" and then "Geo-Services"



 2. Download the app and enable Geo-Services in the settings:



3. On your account, new information will be displayed. It will give you settings to adjust the size of your fence and set up specific commands for when you leave the fence. 



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  • i have a brinks app on my phone.  what is an app?

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  • Hi Randee,

    The Brinks Home Security app is exactly what you need. The app is a universal version. 

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  • This feature would be more useful if the app automatically set the alarm when I left the geofence, instead of just reminding me. Are there plans to make this enhancement?

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  • Hi JT,

    You can set up a schedule to automatically arm your system at a specific time, but unfortunately, you can't trigger the system to arm based off Geo-Services. This is a security measure in the event someone stole/steals your phone. 

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