Qolsys IQ Panel - Programming Duress Code

1. Select "Settings"


2. Enter your "Installer Code". By default this will be "2222".


3. Select "Installation"


4. Select "Security and Arming"


5. Check the box for "Duress Authentication" and then select "Back"  twice.

5.png  6.png

6. Select "User Management" 


7. Select the "Pencil" icon on "Duress"


8. Apply the new Duress Code, confirm it, and press "Save".


You're finished! To go back to the home screen, press the "Home" button.

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  • This is only a LOCAL update to the alarm panel. You must contact the alarm monitoring system (AMS) or have LiveWatch contact them on your behalf to ensure that the AMS has added/updated this number in their system. This is important so that after entering the duress code, the agent contacting you during a duress call doesn't misspeak by alerting on the speaker that you entered the code "incorrectly," in case someone who wishes to bring you harm is standing right next to you threatening you to enter the "correct" code.

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