Qolsys IQ Panel - Programming A Flood Freeze Sensor

The GE Freeze & Flood Sensors are configured a bit differently compared to panels like the Simon XT or the XTi. Follow the instructions below to program the sensors properly for the IQ panel...

1.  To add the Freeze Sensor, start by selecting "Settings"

2.  Enter "1111"

3.  Select "Installation" 

4.  Select "Security Sensors"

5.  Select "Edit Sensor"

6.  A sensor list will be shown. Select the "Pencil" icon for the sensor you wish to edit.

7.  Make sure the "Sensor Type" is "Water" and Sub-Group is "Flood-2"

11.png 22.png

8.  When you are done, select "Add New"


 Note: If the settings are not exactly same as instructed above, the sensor will trigger false alarms every hour.

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