Qolsys IQ Panel - Programming An Ecolink Keyfob

Make sure your system is disarmed during this process. Start by selecting “Settings”


Enter your Installer Code: 1111


Select “Installation"


Select “Security Sensors”


Select “Auto Learn Sensor”


At this point, you’ll need to enroll the keyfob. To do this, take your keyfob and hold down the “Lock” and“Unlock” buttons at the same time.

6.jpg Graphic_1.png

Once this is done, the IQ Panel will beep and ask if you want to add the device to your sensor list. Select“OK”


Here you will need to program the proper information for this device.

  • Sensor DL ID: 
  • Sensor Type: Select “Keyfob”
  • Sensor Name: Select "Keyfob" or create a "Custom Description"
  • Chime Type: This allows you to apply a specific sound to your device when it’s used.
  • Sensor Group: This is used to change the behavior of the device. For this device, leave the Sensor Group alone.
  • Voice Prompts: This allows you turn on or off the vocal chime. 


When ready, select “Add New”


You’re done! 


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  • I have a key fob that needs to be sync to my system. When I was sold the system I did not have the fob , it was in my car in the shop. They said they would come back ...3 years ago!!!! today!!! I have a new battery in it and needs to be set up....who do I contact or do I wait 2 years and get new company to do it?

  • Hi Slade,

    Are you able to access programming with 1111? Once, we're in programming, we can auto learn the fob.

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