Qolsys IQ Panel - Programming A Motion Detector

Make sure your system is disarmed during this process. Start by selecting “Settings”


Enter your Installer Code.


Select “Installation"


Select “Security Sensors”


Select “Auto Learn Sensor”


At this point, you’ll need to tamper your sensor. To do this, press the tab at the bottom of the motion detector and then remove the casing. 

 6.jpg graphic_2.png

Once it's open, the IQ Panel will beep and ask if you want to add the device to your sensor list. Select “OK”


Here you will need to program the proper information for this device.

  • Sensor DL ID: Don't touch this option.
  • Sensor Type: Select “Motion Detector”
  • Sensor Name: Select an appropriate name or create a "Custom Description"
  • Chime Type: This allows you to apply a specific sound to your device when it’s used.
  • Sensor Group: This is used to change the behavior of the device. 

Group 17 (Recommended) - The sensor will only be on during Arm Away (you'll want this normally as you don't want to set the alarm off on yourself while you walk around the house)

Group 20 - This will have a delay, most won't use this but if you want a delay on one you can do that, it's default on 45 seconds

Group 15 - This will make it so the motion detector is on during Arm Stay and Arm Away, use this for places you want monitored all the time, but you shouldn't be in the area unless the panel is disarmed

  • Voice Prompts: This allows you turn on or off the vocal chime. 


When ready, select “Add New”


You’re done! Make sure to re-apply casing for your device. 

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  • Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity?  Mine doesn't seems to work unless I stand directly in front of it and wave at it.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    This particular motion doesn't have a sensitivity setting. How are you testing motion detector? 

    I would recommend arming the system in the away mode and then leaving the home or room with the motion detector for five minutes. (Be sure to open and close a door with a sensor connected) This gives the motion time to reset and scan the room. 

  • When I have my system disarmed, I have my motion sensor set to turn on one of my lights.  As well as when it doesn't see motion for a period of time, I have it set to turn off two of my lights.  Many times, I have to walk up to it and wave my hand at it to get the lamp to turn on.  It should just turn the light on when I enter the room.

  • Okay I see. 

    I would recommend checking the configurations. Are you using Alarm.com?

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