IQ Panel - Panel Not Responding

If your IQ Panel is not responding, hold Home button 30 seconds to reboot.



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  • It is very helpful and it solves the problem for me.

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  • Solved the problem, but it shouldn't happen in the first place. My home was unprotected all day (from 10:32am when the panel froze up until i arrived home after work), with no notification that the system wasn't communicating with the monitoring center. Not acceptable

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  • John, I agree! I don't know how long my home was unprotected today. No notification, no nothing. I called a while ago to ask them to fix it and was told there would be an after-hours fee for a tech to call me. REALLY??  Then I found this article and it seemed to fix it. But why didn't they notify me as soon as it stopped working? Doesn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling of being protected . . .

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  • I've had LiveWatch for a whole month now and this occurred at a second home...not a good start to the program

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  • I had a frozen panel for 2-3 days. An automated email came to my inbox each day; but that's about all the alerts monitoring service provided. So house was un-monitored for several day now. 

    a) It should not happen. 

    b) When it happens someone should attend to it right-away and reach me to fix it, or fix remotely. 

    c) It has happened several times earlier too. I had to make time to call the tech service to resolve this in those occasions. (24 hours support was available during those occasions).

    d) Today when I tried, the auto-attendant announced that there would be a $25 service charge for urgent tech support. This is unacceptable, in my view. The frozen panel is an urgency and the onus is on me to call and also to pay for this support. 

    e) Do I get proportionate discount when the monitoring service is off? (I had raised it earlier when system was off for extended period; obviously the answer was negative.)

    f) When I tried to schedule a call back, the system offered next day option. A little surprising if a system is off do I need to wait that long?

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