Qolsys IQ Panel - Removing The Desk Mount

To remove the desk mount, start by flipping the panel on it's face. Be careful not to press down on the buttons on the front of the panel during this process. 

1. Pull up on the tab shown in the visuals.

2. Push the desk mount forward to remove it from the panel.


3. When removing the desk mount, make sure to unlatch the AC wire lock from the desk mount. 


4. If you are mounting the panel, make sure to use the marked areas, below, for mounting...



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  • Does not show what to do with the loose wire - it has NO STAIN RELIEF once the stand is removed!!

  • Casimer,

    Thank you for submitting your concern.

    The wire that you are speaking of will dangle from behind the panel after the desk mount is removed. This is due to the ac wire lock being located on the desk mount and when removing it, the wire lock is removed as well. This will leave the back plate with the rear access opening exposed. When mounting the back plate to the wall, this will secure that wire between the back plate and the wall. 

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