Qolsys IQ Panel - Viewing Images On The Display



"Disarm Photos" allows you to view the images taken when your system is disarmed

"Alarm Photos" gives you access to view images taken when your system goes into an alarm

"Image Sensor" displays pictures taken by the Image Motion detector if available


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  • Doesn’t tell how to turn on this function. It worked fine until Brinks bought out the company and since then this function does not work. I have called tech support and no joy. Does anyone there know anything about this system? If so I would love some help...finally! Thank you

  • Hi Barry,

    Please check out this article for steps on how to enable this feature and setup notifications.



    1. Log-in to Alarm.com. Log-in to your account through the customer Alarm.com portal. Use the same log-in credentials that are used to access the Alarm.com App.

    2. Go to Automation. Once logged-in, click on the Automation option on the left side menu.

    3. Enable the Rule. This notification is enabled in Rules. Click the Rules option at the top of the page, find the rule titled "Capture Panel Camera Disarm Images". Enable the rule. Then click the "Edit" icon.

    4. Choose notification recipients. In the edit screen, the only option available is choosing who will receive these notifications. Click "Add Recipient". You can choose from a list of available email and SMS recipients, or you can choose to add a new one.

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