Arms all sensors and allows exit delay to leave after arming

1. Press PRESS TO ARM button then press ARM AWAY

Arm_Away_01_Main.png Arm_Away_02_Arm_Screen.png

2. A countdown timer appears during exit delay 

Arm_Away_04_Armed_Away.png Arm_Away_03_Exit_Delay.png

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  • It would be nice if you added the sequence leave when the system is armed stay!  If you hit "Armed Stay" and then leave expecting for there to be an exit delay--like the SimonXT--you will be surprised when the alarm goes off!  You must push the "Quick Exit" button to actually have an exit delay!

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  • Hello John,


    Thanks for your comment! The new panel has a default option of "arm stay-no delay" built into it. However that is something that can be turned off in your panel. If you would like to turn that off you can go to settings> enter in your installer code> go to Installation> go to Security and Arming> scroll down until you see the option "Arm Stay-No Delay"> Uncheck the box next to it.


    That will then give you your normal exit entry delay when you arm "Stay".


    If you have any questions or concerns let us know!


    Best Regards,


    The LiveWatch Team

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  • We do not have the "Installation" icon on our IQ Panel? 

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  • Hi Jerry,


    Thanks for your comment! The default installer code for the IQ panel is "1111" or "2222". This is a programming code for going into "Settings" to give you more options like the "Installation" icon. Let us know if the "Installation" icon still does not show up after you have made sure to enter the correct installer code.


    I hope this helps! Let us know if Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with!


    Kind regards!

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  • Is there a way to have the alarm automatically arm itself? Say auto arm-stay at 1am?

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