IQ Panel - Bypass Sensors

Bypassing disarms one or more sensors while the other sensors are armed

1. Press READY TO ARM then on the right side press to select open sensors

Bypass_01_Home_Screen_Not_Ready.png Bypass_04.png

2. Press ARM STAY or ARM AWAY to arm, sensors return to normal when disarmed

Bypass_03_Arm_Screen_with_Sensor_Checked.png Bypass_03_Arming.png

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  • My IQ panel is automatically bypassing any door or window left open. This is of concern to me, because I may have a door or window open in the basement that I have forgotten about, and it will bypass it without me being aware it is open! Shouldn't there be some kind of warning that a door is open if you have not manually bypassed it on the panel?

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  • Hello Susan,

    That is a great question. You are correct in saying the iQ panel does

    not protest before a sensor is armed. There are a few things that can

    be done to resolve the situation. The first thing is to look at the

    banner at the top of the screen. If there is a sensor that is open, it

    will be yellow, and the system will say not ready to arm. The second

    thing would be to check the sensor list on the right side of the

    arming screen. If any of the sensors are open, they will have a check

    mark next to the sensor. If these two things are looked at, there

    won't be any problems. Another thing that can be done if you have

    access to is notifications can be setup to send you either

    an email, or a text message if any sensor is bypassed. I hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you. Have a great day!

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